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Launched in 2008 – in line with a unified goal for traffic incident management (TIM) established by the National TIM Coalition – Nevada’s TIM program is a partnership of agencies and organizations working together toward a common objective: to reduce roadway and incident clearance times and to reduce secondary crashes. Simply put, restoring roadways quickly and safely following an incident saves lives.

There are actually three coalitions in Nevada: northern urban, southern urban, and statewide. The northern and southern coalitions focus primarily on urban issues, and the statewide coalition focuses on rural issues.

In southern Nevada, agencies and organizations are making a real impact by working together on ways to coordinate and sustain a TIM program that improves safety for responders and motorists, and reduces travel delay. Since the formation of the southern Nevada team, communications among responding agencies have been enhanced, contracts are in place with environmental and recovery organizations for quicker hazardous materials clean-up and large vehicle removal, and a joint operating policy statement is in place. Quicker clearance protects incident responders and those in their care and facilitates safer traffic flow past the incident.

In addition to TIM efforts in urban areas, the statewide coalition has made significant strides since forming in February 2012. The rural areas of Nevada have unique challenges, such as response times in remote locations, wildfires, and resource availability. These issues and others have been shared through numerous grassroots workshops held over the past six months in diverse communities such as Elko, Tonopah, and Laughlin. Several specific issues have already been addressed, and the statewide coalition is in the process of finalizing a prioritized list of items to be incorporated into its action plan.

Please email our project team with your comments and questions. Thank you for your interest in the TIM Coalition!

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Secondary accidents account for 22 percent of the incidents in the Southern Nevada TIM area.


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The TIM Coalition is a cooperative effort between many agencies, including representatives from:

Law Enforcement
Fire and Rescue
Emergency Medical Services
Transportation agencies
Towing and recovery companies
Emergency managers
Hazardous materials responders
Medical Examiner and Coroner’s office
University System

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